Is My Tree Sick?

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Is My Tree Sick?

My Tree

You’ve kept the tree in your yard because it provides shade and keeps the air clean too. In fact, most landscaping artists recommend planting trees for a number of reasons. Mature trees are desirable and increase curb appeal, and properly positioned trees can energy efficient measures through the year; the full leaves providing shade in the summer, then shedding the leaves, and allowing more sunlight into the windows in the winter.

A bare spot in the landscape project is perfect for a tree. It’s a good focal point that will present the look you’re going for, while also providing a privacy screen. Trees are a good investment as you will find the use for them all year round.

However, if the tree in your yard looks like it’s sick, the curb appeal that it adds goes down the drain faster than rainwater. Since trees have become a huge part of the landscaping design, a sick one can become an eyesore. But how does one know that the tree is sick before everyone else notices?

Here are a few tell-tale signs that your tree is infected and that you need to call licensed landscapers to help you deal with it:

When the tree begins to lose its branches and the chunks of bark, that’s a sign that it is sick. Trees that have been infected by a disease usually show early signs of losing barks. Sadly, such disease can move from one tree to another. So if you have more than one tree in your yard, it is best to deal with the sick one before it infects all the others. When the tree starts losing bark, or prematurely shedding leaves or needles, then you must call a tree specialist right away.

When squirrels begin to live in your tree, they bring in more damage than harsh weather conditions. They make the tree their house t in which their nesting can potentially bring in infections from other sources, further stressing the tree. Though they can be a cute furry yard companion, and passing through is not much of a problem, if you sense they are nesting in your tree, it would be wise to encourage them to move along.

When the tree does not grow leaves, it is either sick or in an unhealthy state. The growth of leaves signifies the good health of trees, especially during spring and summer time. When leaves no longer grow when they should, it is time to call in the tree experts to have it checked.

There is no better time to have your trees checked than today. Whether you see the telltale signs of sickness or tree disease, it is best to have an expert come in to check them for sure. By then, you might have made a good call to save your tree.