Landscape Remodelling: How Do You Survive it?

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July 30, 2017
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Landscape Remodelling: How Do You Survive it?

Landscape Remodelling

One of the most important things about developing the view of a home and often the most overlooked aspect is careful planning. Every landscape designer knows the value of proper planning when it comes to carrying out the plan. A good plan is needed if the homeowner wishes to do the project in phases. A grand vision of the landscape area should serve as the guide. Landscape designers will give their professional suggestions as to which part of the project should you work on first, so you don’t end up doing work twice, or unnecessarily altogether.

Many homeowners end up putting plants here and there without a clear vision. In the end, they will have to rethink the use of their space and spend more than they plan. Sometimes, some homeowners suffer from spring panic. That is, when they see all the neighbours’ yards and gardens in bloom, and they hastily install some flowers to try to catch up. Really, it just take a little time to think about what you want in your place, and most importantly, what kind of plants will grow in your particular microclimate of your yard. Meaning, how much light, rain, traffic exposure does your particular yard get.

Designers suggest that homeowners should have patience when working through the design process of your landscape. Working closely with a landscape designer as to how you intend to develop your outdoor space should help a lot. It is a project that is collaborative. At one point, it will be your idea that will be considered, and then you will have to consider taking the advice of the professional landscape designers too. It will be two steps forward and one step backward kind of thing, but ultimately it will become one of the best investments you’ve ever made.

Ask about what the landscape professional can guarantee. When they choose to put a plant in place, and it dies, will they cover its replacement? Will they do the replanting free of charge? However, if you go on a vacation and forget to ask someone to look over your plants and water them, then that might not be covered. It is best to understand what the experts will cover and what they will not so you can prepare for emergency funds in case something in the landscape needs to be replaced.

Finally, realize that plants in the garden grow, the land shifts and that life evolves. Even the best plans for a landscape design can change over the years to accommodate the factors that are beyond your control But out of these episodes are opportunities to develop the landscape further and turn it into beautiful art each time.