Tree Removal: When Does It Become Necessary?

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Tree Removal: When Does It Become Necessary?

Tree Removal In Edmonton

When you decided to plant that tree in front of your commercial space, you knew you wanted to keep it for life. You chose that particular spot in the landscaping design because you thought that tree will best symbolize the hard work that you have put in building the business empire you now manage. This perhaps is the very reason why you find it hard to decide whether you want that tree cut down or not. You know it is sick, and it has become unsightly, but does it cutting it down solve the problem?

Trees that you have seen grow with your business can make it tough to decide whether to have it removed or not. A dying tree that does not pose a danger in falling to people or structures can be left to die without any form of human intervention. Old dead trees serve as the home for woodpeckers and other birds to nest. If money isn’t a problem, then you can keep the tree for life with regular maintenance and deep watering whenever necessary.

However, if you wish to have it removed, all you need is to call tree pruning and removal in Edmonton. These professionals can help you remove a dead tree from your commercial space to open up and bring in more light. But how do you know that it is necessary to remove a tree? Here are some questions you need to answer first:

· Is the tree of a desirable species? There are various types of trees. Some of them are desirable while others simply fall into the undesirable category. Such group of trees comes with standard characteristics as frequent breakage, dropping of large quantities of debris, and shallow roots that damage lawns and pavements.

· How sick is the tree? Experts in tree pruning and removal in Edmonton can help you diagnose how sick your tree is. Usually, when the tree is about 50% sick, it is recommended for removal. However, trees that show damages caused by herbicides used for the plants around it may have misshapen leaves, but they are likely to recover faster with proper pruning and medication.

· Are you dealing with a hollow tree? The life support tissue that the tree needs to survive is found at the outer edges of the tree. If your tree is already hollow, it can still survive as long as it xylem and phloem are in place. However, the issue of its trunk not being strong enough might make it dangerous. Experts in tree pruning in Edmonton can help you diagnose the tree. If they find that one-third of the tree trunk is hollow, then they would most likely suggest that tree removal be considered.

· An important thing to identify here in Edmonton, is if that tree is an Elm Tree. Due to Dutch Elm Disease, Elms can only be pruned at specific times of the year. Either learn how to identify an elm tree, or call in an arborist to give you a hand.

If you have questions and concerns about your trees, it is best to consult a property maintenance specialist. They are trained individuals who can help you make the hard decisions easy.