Tree Removal: It Might Be Time

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September 26, 2017
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Importance of Tree Pruning Revealed
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Tree Removal: It Might Be Time

Tree Removal In Edmonton

Trees provide a shield of protection for your property. It is like putting Mother Nature’s masterpiece in your backyard. Beautiful and comforting – those are the two words that best describe a tree in your property. There is a certain nostalgia about that tree in your yard that you grew up with, how it blossoms, how you climbed it as a kid, and how it evolves alongside the home.

Deciding to remove a tree from your backyard can be a heartbreaking experience. Can you imagine looking out of your kitchen window and not seeing that beautiful, familiar sight of your childhood? Although it is quite a challenge to decide to get that old tree removed, it is important to know when exactly should it be removed. Rather than watching it get sick and become unsightly, it is best to call in property maintenance experts in Edmonton to have it removed at once.

Though you may be quite attached to your tree, it is wise to know the appropriate time to have it removed. If it is diseased, it can affect neighboring trees, so best to remove it as quickly as possible. If branches are dead, drying, and falling, there are obvious falling hazards – particularly if there are kiddos around.

When is it Time to Call in Tree Removal Experts?

Tree illnesses can manifest in a number of ways. Here are a few signs that your tree may be damaged and that it needs immediate repair. How do you know it is time to say goodbye?

  • Heaving soil at the base could mean something is wrong with the tree. When its roots are no longer able to hold onto the land that surrounds it, then it’s a clear sign that it needs your help.
  • When mushrooms and other fungi begin to grow at the base of the tree, then it may be infected. Fungi only often grow because the tree is no longer as healthy as it should be. The fungi thrive because of the nutrients it is getting from the tree, causing it to lose the nutrients it requires to grow further.
  • Chipped barks could mean a huge problem too. The peeling of the bark and the cracks in the trunk all point to the unhealthy state of the tree.
  • Cavities in the trunk, as well as dead and hanging branches all point to that one fact – your tree, is sick and it needs help.
  • · Black bumps in the branches are probably a sign your tree has black knot. Those branches need to be removed asap!.

However, if you are not sure whether the tree needs to be removed or that it can still be treated, you could also ask them. Their assistance and expertise will make decision-making easier for you. Tree removal experts in Edmonton are there to help you decide on the best way the tree can be removed.