What To Do With The Poinsettia?

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What To Do With The Poinsettia?

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December is the time when the world seems to turn red. From the image of Santa Clause to that famous red bow that symbolizes Christmas, there is no doubt that it is the season of love and merry-making. Who doesn’t love to see a poinsettia around their Christmas tree or maybe even as a dining room centerpiece? This simple red flower that used to be picked by the side of the road has found itself in every home during Christmas. The humble story of its discovery has been passed on from generation to generation, and it looks like it is here to stay.

Each year, people who love to garden wonder if there was any way they could mix it up a little. Some would even ask if there is anything else they could do with a poinsettia apart from the regular arrangements they make with it. If you think there is nothing more than you can do with a poinsettia, this list will make you think again.

  • Although a Poinsettia on its looks good on all sides, it helps to squeeze in a few easy planters on the sides. It takes minimal effort to make it look visually enticing. Its natural shade of red is appealing on its own, but sticking evergreen boughs will enhance the red and make it come out even more. Take a smart looking pot and a few other vertical elements, and you are on the right track. The boughs desiccate very quickly, so it is best to have a mister bottle to freshen the boughs every week or more frequently as needed.
  • Did you know that poinsettia also comes in a range of colors? Although red is the most popular one, there is a rainbow of pink, blue, white, speckles, apricots, and even purples. Ask experts in landscaping in Edmonton, and they can show you all your options. Putting multiple poinsettias together in different colors will not only add color to the mix, but it can bring a new perspective to your home décor.
  • While they may look elegantly sensitive, poinsettias thrive in neglect. When you buy them from the store, the care that they need has already been done for you. They are mostly hands-off plants by then. Overwatering is usually the reason why poinsettias die. The yellowing of the leaves on the base is the tell-tale sign that you have overwatered and that you need to slow down.

When you’re not sure about how to care for your poinsettias, talk to landscape design experts in the area. They can give you advice on the proper care as well as how to use these beautiful flowers to your design advantage.