What’s The Value Of A Tree?

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January 16, 2018
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What’s The Value Of A Tree?

Value Of A Tree

Who doesn’t love to have towering trees on their property? More than the shade and the beauty that they provide, these trees increase the value of your home. Mature trees in a beautifully landscaped yard increase the overall property of your home. A lush green lawn and colorful flowers but trees add a certain depth of character that is tremendously valuable.

Value Of A Tree
The number of home buyers is looking for a house with an artistically landscaped lawn in increasing every year, and this is no surprise to top realtors in the country. People want to move into their home that is complete, including the landscaping. More than the shade and privacy that it provides mature trees as part of the landscape design comes with a value that every homeowner can expect. It makes people feel comfortable at home.

Home with a well-landscaped front and backyard that comes with trees sell quicker than those that have little to no landscaping. Realtors often speak of the “curb appeal” that trees add to the landscape. People looking at buying a house depend a lot on the feeling that they have when they see the property. The tree in the front yard may be appealing, but it does not stop there. Home buyers are looking at the whole package. The flowers, shrubs, rocks, walls, patios and the list go on. They are looking at how all the elements fall into place. They are looking at feeling good when they see all of it, and that’s how they know they have found the home they want to buy.

A lot of those who intend to sell their homes put their money and effort into renovating the kitchen or the living room. Although both may indeed improve the selling price of the property, neglecting the yard won’t be doing a lot of good too. Having a beautiful landscape could make a huge difference between breaking even and making some money off your property. The choice of what to improve first is really up to you.

But before you make any changes, make sure to plan what to plant. Remember that your landscape design should be more sustainable. Not only should it look beautiful today, but it should look good every day and for the years to come. It takes about 5 to 7 years before all the plants in the landscape plan mature. With the help of a professional, you can ensure that the project is comprehensive and that all the facilities included in the project can survive the conditions it will be put in. Do your homework and make a plan. Make sure to consult a landscape designer to help you through the process and its maintenance for the years to come.