Winter Gardening: Are You Prepared For It?

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Winter Gardening: Are You Prepared For It?

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As temperatures drop and you prepare for winter, plants are preparing themselves for dormancy as well. While it may seem as if all activity in the garden has stopped, a lot is going on under the soil at least until the snow falls and freezes everything. Newly transplanted trees and shrubs are all getting the nutrients and water from the soil and the moisture around them. Various microbes, as well as earthworms, are still processing all the organic material they are getting. Although all of these are happening underground, your plants still need protection from the frigid weather.

But how can you help your garden get around winter in a breeze and thrive? Here are a few tips to help you do it:

Tip 1:

  • Perennial plants are designed to thrive and grow back year after year. They don’t die during winter. Like bears, they go into hibernation. You’ll be surprised at how bright and well-rested they look when spring comes. Each perennial plant is different, and it is essential to understand how you can help each one thrive all throughout winter. Doing a little cutting back and mulching here and there and can help them through winter.

Tip 2:

  • Annual plants need a little bit more help during winter. It is best to prepare polyspun garden fabric to cover the plants when light frost threatens their existence. Don’t forget to collect seeds of plants and keep them in identifiable containers. After the frost has been killed, you may gather the annuals and put them in a compost pile for use later. Those that come with fungal infections should be thrown to trash instead. Take down notes of your favorite annual plants to help you remember them next spring.

Tip 3:

  • Dig up the bulbs and simply brush off the excess dirt. Watering the bulbs can cause them to rot in storage. Mulch the bulb beds with evergreens to keep the soil healthy throughout winter. Skipping this step might just put all the weight of the snow on those small shallowly-planted bulbs. It could spell the end of these beautiful plants, and that’s exactly what you want to avoid.

Winter comes every year. But each year, the cold weather seems to get colder. And yet, this should not stop you from caring for your plants throughout winter. The best solution is to be prepared for it. Let the experts in landscaping in Edmonton help you get ready.